Missions Carried out in the Health and Chemistry Sectors

External Growth

Search and Identification of Priority Targets. Strategic acquisition in Eastern Europe for a world-renowned pharmaceutical laboratory: an evaluation of the attractiveness and the accessibility for all of the countries in the zone, an identification of the priority countries, research and identification of targets in the top three countries identified, management of the acquisition of the targets (laboratories and distributors).

Creation of a Joint Venture

Creation of a joint venture in Finland with a Russian industrial company to produce generic medications: partner search, analysis of implantation methods, conclusion of an MOD, creation of the joint venture.

Ownership transfer

Information Memorandum and Financial Evaluation. Conducted the “Market” section of the Information Memorandum for the privatisation of one of the principal Hungarian pharmaceutical laboratories: market presentation, offer analysis, growth perspective, target evaluation, etc.

Integration of Pre and Post Acquisition

Preparation of the merger of three companies (French, German and Swiss), both the German and Swiss companies were present in the chemistry sector: analysis of the industrial and commercial synergies, strategic repositioning, governance model, organisational and human impact, etc.