Missions Carried out in the Media and Communication Sectors

Ownership Transfer

Search for a buyer and management of the transaction Disengagement of a French press group on the Hungarian market, preparation of the sale (Information Memorandum), potential buyer search and management of the sale to a Dutch press group.

Competitive Benchmark

Competitive benchmark for a European cinematheque encompassing it’s continental counterparts as well as it’s competitors in certain other countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, etc.): choice and definition of the key performance indicators (KPIs), measurement and evaluation of the KPIs, strategic implications.

Strategic Due Diligence

Strategic due diligence of a specialised French press group for a private equity firm.

Launch of a New Activity

Feasibility study for the launch of an activity allowing individuals and companies to produce and broadcast multimedia content of their choice on the internet (music, photos, video clips etc).

Distribution Strategy

Definition of a music publishing company’s distribution strategy: allocation of the catalogue through different channels, role of the internet in the distribution, pricing strategy, etc.