Neovian Partners supports Calcium Capital in its investment in Cler Verts

Neovian Partners supports Calcium Capital in its investment in Cler Verts

Paris, 5 January 2022 The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners has assisted the investment fund Calcium Capital by conducting the Strategic Due Diligence of Cler Verts, a French player in the collection and recovery of green waste, bio-waste and wood waste

Founded in 2003, with a turnover of around €8m, Cler Verts is a major player in the Occitanie region. With the capacity to collect, sort and recycle waste in three distinct waste segments and owning a methanisation plant, Cler Verts now has a very complete offer that it aims to expand in the coming years by studying several areas for diversification.

Calling on Neovian Partners, Calcium Capital wanted to (1) clarify its understanding of the challenges and dynamics of the French waste recycling and recovery market, particularly with regard to the complexity and changing nature of the regulatory framework, which is fundamental to this market, (2) clarify Cler Verts’ competitive positioning in the Occitanie region and (3) assess the relevance of the diversification opportunities identified by management.

Neovian Partners was able to validate the solid positioning of Cler Verts in its region in view of its excellent reputation, its strong competitiveness on calls for tender, its unique ability to adapt to the specificities of the client during collection and the relevance of the established partnerships.

” Neovian Partners was also able to leverage, in a very short timeframe, its energy transition market expertise, driven by a consistent regulatory framework and mastered by our teams, which allowed us to accurately determine the market segments that are the most relevant for the Cler Verts group. The experience acquired on the operational challenges to support the ambitious growth also allowed us to validate the management’s choices, particularly on the complex management of transport and commercial excellence.

Patrick Richer, Partners.

The project was led by Patrick Richer and Sélim Bouaïcha, Manager

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