Neovian Partners supports the Chevrillon Group in its investment in VOIP Télécom

Neovian Partners supports the Chevrillon Group in its investment in VOIP Télécom

Paris, July 30, 2019. Neovian Partners’ teams supported the Chevrillon Group in its investment in VOIP Télécom, a telecom operator targeting French SMEs and SMBs.

Created in 2012, VOIP Telecom is a new generation telecom operator specialized in Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony services for businesses. With a network of 350 employees, it serves 8,000 SMEs, ETIs and large groups representing 130,000 users. It had 2018 revenues of approximately €50M. This transaction allows the Chevrillon Group to acquire a 40% stake in VOIP Télécom, valuing it at over €100 million.

Neovian Partners assisted the Chevrillon Group in this investment process by securing the satisfaction of VOIP Télécom’s direct and indirect customers and analyzing the differentiating factors compared to its direct and indirect competitors. The objective was to evaluate the development potential of the operator, whose ambition to grow its revenues is very important.

With this operation, VOIP Télécom will be able to strengthen its coverage of the French market and accelerate its pace of external growth.

Neovian Partners has leveraged its knowledge of the French telecommunications market to support the Chevrillon Group.

“The French BtoB telecommunications market is undergoing a profound transformation driven by several underlying trends. In addition to the convergence between integrators and operators and the virtualization of networks in the Cloud, the market is witnessing a race to consolidate operators, as illustrated by the acquisition of Keyyo and Nerim by Bouygues Telecom or Jaguar Networks by Free, and other operations are in preparation. As a leading player in the most dynamic SME and ETI segment, VOIP Telecom is ideally positioned to take full advantage of these changes.

Patrick Richer, Chairman and Founder, Neovian Partners

The mission was led by Patrick Richer, President and Founder, Neovian Partners

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