Driving growth and competitiveness in the digital era

The enterprise IT landscape has experienced rapid growth in digital services in recent years.
Leading service providers are adjusting their strategy, reorganizing themselves, making targeted investments,
and improving their competitiveness to develop and expand their digital services while effectively managing the decline of their traditional portfolios.
Technology has become an essential element, even for non-tech companies, for the success of their business.

We provide our expert assistance to major investment funds and corporations in order to comprehend this perpetually changing environment.
Through our strategic support in digital assessment and digital transformation, we guide our partners towards the development of an innovative digital strategy and the expansion of their business, by identifying and prioritizing growth sectors and associated risks.
We establish the necessary elements and operational model, with the aim of extracting the intrinsic value of companies.

What we do




Gain a competitive edge with a comprehensive assessment of a company’s digital infrastructure, systems, and strategies.
Uncover growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions in the fast-paced digital landscape.
Unlock the power of data-driven decision making and maximize your organization’s success in the digital age.




Embrace the power of data to conduct a  meticulous assessment of the digital assets of the companies.
The advanced scanning software we use delves deep into the software code, evaluating crucial aspects such as system performance, intellectual property strength, code quality, and overall security.
With our comprehensive analysis of that audit, we provide invaluable insights that help you make informed decisions and evaluate the value and risks associated with the digital assets.



Efficiently restructure and optimize the operating model for digital initiatives while addressing the persistent challenge of acquiring and retaining digital talent.
Our expert team collaborates closely with clients and their companies in the post-investment phase, leveraging the insights derived from meticulous analysis and audit to navigate the intricate landscape of digital transformation and enhance the state of your digital assets, forging a solid foundation for lasting success.


We evaluate the capabilities of the technology team and its potential for growth in response to the expanding technological landscape and the needs of the company.
We assess the alignment between the team’s skills and the current as well as future technological needs of your company.
Additionally, we analyze the collaborative dynamics within the organization to ensure effective teamwork and efficient delivery of results.
Our aim is to optimize the people strategy and enhance the overall performance of the digital assets.

Featured advantages

Neovian’s intergration offers synergies in strategy an HR due diligence, resulting in reduced costs and investment risk, increased pertinence and speed of execution, and simplified project management

Technologist Network

Neovian relies on a network of technologie specialists for thorough due diligence, even for rare/new tech, delivering quality info for informed investment

Hands-on Experience

Aligning with the client’s business plan we provide a comprehensive analysis by combinig investment-savvy tech entrepreneurs with private equity expertise.

Clear Communication of Technologies

We simplify complex technical information for effective communication, enabling informed decision-making and stakeholder alignment.

Quality and Experience of Neovian Partners

Years of rigorous methodology and extensive private equity experience drive Neovian’s quality due diligence, led by a seasoned team of ex-entrepreneurs. Our approach prioritizes efficient communication and minimal disruptions for company operations.

References and Experience

Strategic Due Diligence for Neovian

IT DD since 2017

Strategic Support Tech Start-ups


Identifying Value and Risk

Identifying Value and Risk

Our team


Managing Partner

  • 25 years in Venture
    Capital & Managing Tech
  • CDPQ, Cuberoute, Aurora,
    JTG, ASPertise, DROON
  • Montreal, Washington
    DC, Toronto, Paris
  • MBA McGill, Eng.


Infrastructure & Architecture

  • 25 years in Dev & IT.
  • Creation 2 start-ups
  • HSBC, AIG, Banque de
    France, DGA, Tessi, JC
    Decaux, Thales, French
    Ministere, Celio …
  • Prais
  • DUT Info, I.T.I.N.


Hacker in Residence, Crypto Expert

  • Founding Member of
  • Kryptosphere
  • Winner of the
  • CTO of European Crypto
  • Paris
  • Autodidact


Partner Expert

  • 30 years in Technology,
    strategy and C level
  • Cisco, Devoteam, Bertin
    IT, Check Point Software,
  • Paris
  • Licence en Sciences
    Economiques, Master
    Degree in Business


Partner Expert

  • 25+ years in Independent
    Board Director & Advisor
    | CEO | Entrepreneur | PE
    & Venture Capital |
    Fortune 50 C-Suite
  • EY, J&J, Welch Allyn,
  • MBA, CPA, Certified Board