Paris, 15 June 2022. Neovian Partners, strategy, development and leadership consulting accompanied the PE firm, Amethis, by conducting a strategy due diligence on the Group Office Automation, a French value-added reseller specialised in the printing solutions, electronic document management and associated maintenance services for B2B markets. 

Created in 1981, the Group Office Automation is a value-added reseller known for their Canon products in France, North Africa and Francophone Africa. The Group has many resellers of office products as their clients. Thanks to their large client portfolio, the group employs over 30 employees and generated over €37M in revenues in 2022.

This operation will allow the Group Office Automation to reinforce its position as leader on the French, North Africa and Francophone African markets while continuing its development thanks to Amethis’ support.

Neovian Partners, thanks to its deep experience in small-mid sized companies conducted the strategy due diligence and confirmed the significance of their positioning and their growth potential. The principle stake was to confirm the strategy of Group Office Automation, but also to analyse different development routes for the group in the years to come.

“ Thanks to our experience and depth of knowledge regarding the office equipment market, Neovian Partners conducted a review of the demand and offer for Group Office Automation’s market. We were able to qualify the growth potential for the group in its historical business, within the post-COVID context, where the major manufacturers tend to disengage from direct distribution which benefits the large resellers. We also identified four very interesting growth opportunities for the group in the upcoming years.”

Kevin Bailey, Partner

Kevin Bailey, Partner, piloted the team who accompanied Amethis on this operation.

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