Paris, July 26, 2019. Neovian Partners, a strategy, development and leadership consulting firm, has been entrusted by the investment fund 3i Group with the strategic buyer due diligence for its investment in Evernex.

Evernex is the world’s third largest provider of third-party maintenance and operational readiness services for critical IT infrastructure, including data centers. Based in Paris, but with 29 subsidiaries in more than 23 countries, it manages more than 200,000 IT systems in nearly 160 countries. With a global network of 550 employees, Evernex generated €100M in net revenue in 2018.

Neovian Partners’ mission was to evaluate the opportunity that the cloud represents for evernex, to measure the increasing complexity of IT networks and to evaluate the opportunity that telecommunication networks represent as a growth driver for the group. Potential global distribution channels were also identified. To achieve this, it was necessary to analyze the server and telecommunication network infrastructure markets, and to evaluate the potential of third-party maintenance and MCO in these markets in the years to come.

Following this operation, 3i Group wishes to continue and accelerate the development of the group, both through organic growth and through strategic and targeted acquisitions.

This transaction strengthens Neovian Partners’ expertise in the network and telecommunications equipment, IT, and cloud computing sectors.

“Current trends in IT and telecom network virtualization, as well as new technologies in cloud infrastructure, are having a dual impact on the third-party maintenance and MCO market. They disrupt it but also contribute to its performance and expansion.

Kevin Bailey, Associate Director

The mission was led by Patrick Richer and Kevin Bailey, Associate Directors

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