Paris, November 14th, 2019. Neovian Partners, a strategy, development and leadership consulting firm, has been entrusted by the investment fund MBO & Co with the Strategic Buyer Due Diligence for its investment in Pinson Paysage.

The cleaning giant Atalian Servest is separating from Pinson Paysage, its green spaces division. The entity specializing in the development and maintenance of green spaces is sold to MBO & Co for €34 million. With 700 employees and a strong presence in Ile-de-France, Pinson Paysage is the third player in the French market. In 2018, it had a turnover of 73M€ and it should generate 82M€ this year. This operation is an opportunity for Pinson Paysage to be lead by a new president, Eric Bouichet, the former General Manager of the Ile-de-France region.

The purpose of Neovian Partners’ mission was to validate the dynamism of the BtoB landscaping market in France, to produce market growth forecasts over the next five years and to analyze the positioning of the Pinson Paysage group. The main challenge was to identify and validate growth opportunities in the market in order to support the development of the company in the years to come.

This operation will allow Pinson Paysage to strengthen its leading position on the market in Ile-de-France, to accelerate its presence in other regions of France and to reduce the degree of dependence on the economic health of the public.

“ This mission was an opportunity to work on a sector of activity that Neovian Partners knows well. The landscaping market is currently changing due to economic, regulatory and technological factors. The next ten years offer promising prospects for this market, which should be driven by Greater Paris construction sites and local urban plans that will a great focus on green spaces throughout France.”

Patrick Richer, Associate Director

Patrick Richer, Associate Director, led the team that accompanied MBO & Co on this operation.

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