Paris, the 13th of April 2022. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners assisted the investment fund Ekkio Capital by conducting the strategic vendor due diligence of Groupe Thoiry, a major animal park operator, with more than one million visitors per year.

Founded in 1968, Groupe Thoiry operates the animal parks of Thoiry near Paris, Peaugres near Lyon, both in France, and the animal park of Santo Inacio near Porto, in Portugal. Groupe Thoiry stands out for its unique positioning, with a focus on immersion in nature, wide open spaces, and animal welfare. The pandemic has reinforced the interest of the French population in local destinations close to nature, creating a favourable market environment for the Group. The Group is a pioneer in immersive experiences in the sector, notably with the Fête des Lumières Sauvages event, organised during the winter season, where visitors can discover animal lanterns spread throughout the parks. The Group has also developed alternative accommodation at Thoiry and Peaugres, offering visitors a unique experience of getting back to nature during their stay.

Neovian Partners assisted Ekkio Capital in the sell-side strategic audit of Groupe Thoiry on its scope of activity. The aim of the mission was to assess the market developments to be expected over the next 5 years. To this end, Neovian Partners studied the growth potential of the various segments of the offer of the Group (animal parks and alternative accommodation), their evolution as well as the positioning of Groupe Thoiry within these markets. The mission also included an in-depth study of the competitive environment and the characteristics of the demand.

“ Neovian Partners’ experience in the tourism and leisure sector has enabled us to carry out an in-depth study of Groupe Thoiry’s markets. Neovian Partners was able to quantify the potential of Groupe Thoiry’s catchment areas, in various geographies largely undocumented, while providing a national and representative panel of the French general public’s expectations of animal parks. The mission also enabled us to establish an exhaustive competitive overview of animal parks in France and to validate the Group’s development paths.”

Patrick Richer, Partner

The analysis conducted by Neovian Partners also highlighted the excellent brand image of Groupe Thoiry and high barriers to entry to its markets, which should ensure the growth of the Group in the years to come. Through this transaction, Ekkio Capital has sold its entire stake in Groupe Thoiry to a group of investors led by Kartesia, associated with Christelle Bercheny, General Director of Groupe Thoiry, and her management team. Ekkio Capital reinvested as a minority shareholder in this transaction

Patrick Richer, Partner, has led the mission.

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