Paris, 11 January, 2024. Neovian Partners supported Origine Partners in their investment in DuRoure, a blender of innovative agricultural fertilisers, offering a wide range of mineral and organic solutions, biostimulants and soil amendments.

Created in 1956, DuRoure has structured its offering around 4 main complementary product lines (mineral, pulverulent, organic and foliar) for its diversified customer base, mostly composed of agricultural cooperatives and trading companies.

The group achieved a turnover of €39.7m in 2022, of which 74% of mineral and compound fertilisers, 11% of organic fertilisers, 9% of amendment solutions and 6% of other products.

In addition to the analysis of the French market of agricultural fertilisers, its demand’s dynamics both for traders and final users and its competitive landscape, the Strategic Due Diligence carried out by Neovian Partners successfully fulfilled the objective of evaluating the main regulatory trends and major innovations related to the products supplied by DuRoure.

“DuRoure benefits from excellent image feedback, being recognised nationally for its technical expertise, its level of customer support, its responsiveness, and its comprehensive range of products which are reliable both in terms of sourcing and performance. The group will be able to benefit from the strong growth of the organic and organo-mineral fertilisers over the next years and from its development of new geographical areas.” Patrick Richer

Patrick Richer, Founding & Managing Partner, along with Leonid Dorogoi, Head of Lyon, led the team that supported DuRoure in this operation.

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