Paris, June 18, 2020. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners has carried out the Strategic Due Diligence on ConvictionsHR, ESN specializing in HR functions.

Founded in 2007, ConvictionsRH is a French leader in IT consulting and services, specializing in HR. Leading hundreds of projects each year through their main offerings SIRH, People and Change, Organizations and HR Policy and Public Transformation, the ConvictionsRH teams generate an annual turnover of 25 million euros. With this operation, ConvictionsRH aims to double in size over the next four years.

Neovian Partners conducted a strategic review of the company and its markets to analyse the robustness of its business model and the relevance of its strategy in France. The mission also helped to understand the reasons for customer satisfaction and identify other business opportunities.

Neovian Partners has used its deep knowledge of HR functions: software solutions publishers, consulting firms (Design), ESN (Build) but also BPO players (Run) for this Due Diligence.

“ In the current context of digital transformation of companies and increased recognition of human resources as a strategic asset to create long-term value, the HR Convictions market is promising a bright future over the next 5 to 10 years, with growth rates expected between 5% and 15% per year, depending on the maturity of the software bricks concerned.”

Kevin Bailey, Partners

The team was led by Kevin Bailey and Patrick Richer, Associate Directors.

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