Paris, October 17th, 2023. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners has conducted the strategic Vendor Due Diligence for Koesio, a premier supplier of integrated digital solutions for SMEs, mid-sized companies, and local authorities.

Originally established as C’Pro in 1991 by Pieric Brenier and now rebranded as Koesio, the group has transitioned from a traditional printing services provider to a leading provider of comprehensive integrated digital solutions for businesses and public sectors. Its robust growth is anchored in both organic expansion through service diversification and a proactive external growth strategy, evidenced by over 110 acquisitions. The company now operates across multiple domains, offering printing services, IT solutions including hardware, software, and cloud services, tailor-made telecom infrastructure services, as well as financing solutions, thereby catering to a diverse client base.

The Vendor Due Diligence conducted by Neovian Partners provided an in-depth evaluation of Koesio’s strategic positioning and growth drivers. The mission’s objective was to assess Koesio’s current market share and its anticipated evolution over the next five years across its diverse business lines, including printing, IT, telecommunications, and financing solutions. The study involved a critical examination of Koesio’s market segmentation and competitive edge, particularly assessing the company’s ability to maintain its leadership and continue its expansion through strategic acquisitions and organic growth.

« Neovian Partners’ extensive expertise in the printing and digital solutions sectors was essential in conducting a VDD for Koesio. Leveraging this deep industry knowledge, we were able to deliver an in-depth analysis of Koesio’s market segments and growth potential. Our due diligence provided critical insights into the company’s competitive landscape, confirming Koesio’s strong position as a national leader in printing and digital solutions. With a clear vision of Koesio’s substantial cross-selling potential and its innovative strides towards digitalization, we validated the company’s strategic roadmap and its promising avenues for sustained development, both domestically and internationally. »

Kevin Bailey, Partner

Kevin Bailey, Partner, piloted the team who accompanied Koesio on this operation.

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