Paris, November 17, 2020. The strategy, development and leadership consultancy Neovian Partners has accompanied the Icelandic group Ossur,a specialist in non-invasive orthopaedicproducts, through its advice, the GibaudGroup, through its board, M.A. Rothschild and Co.

Specializing in skincare textiles since 1890,the French group Gibaud is established in the Loire and Herat, where it produces textiles used in orthopaedics, podiatry but also for elastic venous compression. In 2006, the Icelandic manufacturer of orthopaedic products Osser, acquired Gibaud, which became its French branch. With 360 employees, Gibaud has a turnover of 46 million euros in 2019.

Neovian Partners’ main mission was to study the gibaud Group’s issues, beyond the validation of the main trends in the non-invasive orthopaedic product market, the dynamics of demand and positioning in relation to the main players in supply. In order to give a representative and truthful picture of the market, Neovian Partners has chosen a dual approach aimed at validating the main dynamics in terms ofsupply and demand on a selection of geographies, such as China, the Iberian Peninsula and Russia. This study has helped to determine the levers to be activated for an effective development of the Gibaud Group’s activity in terms of its offer in France,but alsointernationally.

“ We were able to deal with a very large number of different themes, covering several product segments (three core segments and a multitude of complementary universes), over several geographies. We wanted to best support Gibaud not only on the validation of existing dynamics, but also on the identification of development axes that could bring additional differentiating added value to the group in the years to come.”

Martin Fougerolle, Partner

Neovian Partners was able to draw on its expertise and long experience in the MedTech sector to carry out this mission. The team was led by Martin Fougerolle, Associate Director and head of the Lyon office.

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