Lyon, May 16th, 2022. The strategic consulting firm Neovian Partners supported Albarest Partners in their investment in ÉPHIE Industries, an industrial group manufacturing metal accessories for numerous segments and bottle caps for luxury companies.

ÉPHIE Industries is a group composed of two merged companies: EAC and GRAINDORGE. Founded in 1992, EAC is specialised in the design and manufacture of metal accessories, especially for the footwear, leather goods, swimwear, lingerie and luxury markets. Founded in 1928, GRAINDORGE is specialised in the electroplating of plastic or metallic parts.

Neovian Partners has analysed the European offer of Zamak alloy (zinc, aluminium, magnesium and sometimes copper) in the premium cosmetics packaging field and its development perspectives over the next years (creation of a European Zamak pole, buying process and key purchasing criteria, alternative solutions, supply difficulties, etc.).

The team was led by Patrick Richer, Founding Partner and Leonid Dorogoï, Head of Lyon.

“ It was a pleasure for us to support Albarest Partners in their investment in Éphie Industries. Although packaging specialists have lately faced shortage of raw materials, supplying difficulties and relatively limited level of customer orders, Éphie Industries managed to handle these points thanks to the quality of its management, its premium positioning, and its strong brand image. In the future, the group’s expertise should find applications in a large number of sectors related to high-value parts/sub-assemblies.”

Patrick Richer, Partner

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