Paris, November 28th, 2023. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners has supported Siparex Intermezzo during the sponsorless Leveraged Buyout of Distriwatt, undertaking a comprehensive strategic advisory study. This collaboration has strategically positioned the company for a new phase of development.

Founded in 2003, Distriwatt is headquartered near Bordeaux and stands as the French leader in BtoB distribution of electrical equipment, primarily serving professional installers. The group operates through two subsidiaries: Negowatt, specializing in the distribution of products for the tertiary and industrial sectors, and Distriwatt, focusing on residential electrical equipment sales. The group has also expanded into custom electrical cabinets and panels through its Prestawatt division.

Distriwatt is unique in its distribution approach, exclusively marketing products through telephone-based remote sales. The company provides high-level technical advice, logistical support, and unparalleled availability to cater to diverse and mobile customers. This positioning fuelled the group’s sales, tripling from 2020 to 2023 to almost €35 million.

The strategic advisory study aimed to assess the market developments and the viability of the company’s growth strategy in the coming years. To this end, Neovian Partners thoroughly examined whether Distriwatt’s current and future positioning in the remote sales distribution channel via telephone remains sustainable and distinctive. The analysis also focused on assessing the company’s ability to evolve its sales mix. Additionally, the mission included an in-depth study of the competitive environment and the characteristics of the demand.

« Neovian Partners has conducted a strategic review of the market demand and competition for Distriwatt, a premier B2B electrical equipment distributor in France. Our analysis centered on the viability and uniqueness of Distriwatt’s telephone-based remote sales model. The findings indicate a strong market appreciation for the distance sales model’s added value, especially in comparison to traditional distributors and emerging challengers with cross-border strategies, showcasing its agilie approach in a rapidly evolving industry landscape. »

Kevin Bailey, Partner

The team was led by Kevin Bailey, Partner.

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