Paris, April 25th, 2024. Neovian Partners, a consulting firm specializing in strategy and leadership, supported Naxicap Partners in their investment in Quali Group, a French play & sports areas and landscaping specialist.

Established in 1998, Quali Group is a French manufacturer, installer, and maintainer of innovative and high-quality play & sports areas (Quali-Cité) and a landscaping specialist (Val d’Oise Paysages).

The group offers turnkey custom-made design solutions and relies both on its own agencies with internal sales forces and on a network of partner distributors to meet the needs of its private and public clients.

Neovian Partners has analysed the depth and dynamics of the French play & sports areas and landscaping markets, its regulatory and political trends, its demand characteristics, and its competitive environment.

Neovian Partners has identified several growth opportunities, such as addressing new client segments, acquiring new know-how through development of interactive and sensory equipment or integration of new materials and addressing new regions in France and abroad.

“Quali Group’s reputation, wide offer range, very high product & service quality, strong national presence, and well-trained distributors explain the firm’s solid historical growth. Over the next years, we estimate high growth potential both for the plays & sports areas and landscaping French markets, thus we are confident in Quali Group’s ability to achieve its development ambitions.”

Patrick Richer, Founding and Managing Partner

Patrick Richer, Founding & Managing Partner, along with Leonid Dorogoï, Head of Lyon, led the team that supported Naxicap Partners in this operation.

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