Paris, January 23rd, 2023. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners has supported Omnes Capital by carrying out the buy-side Strategic Due Diligence on Simpliciti, provider of embedded IT solutions for the waste management and mobility sectors

Founded in 1994, Simpliciti is a company specializing in embedded technologies, offering turnkey software and hardware tools for the waste management and mobility sectors.

With more than 25 years of expertise and a leading technological position, the group holds a leading role in France as provider of SaaS solutions for the entire waste collection value chain (door-to-door collection, voluntary drop-off points, etc.).

Neovian Partners conducted a strategic review of the company and its markets, by quantifying and forecasting the need of waste management players for embedded IT solutions notably incentive-based pricing solutions, analysing Simpliciti’s positioning within the competitive environment and identifying Simpliciti’s growth potential and the main development opportunities for both organic and external growth. Neovian Partners has also highlighted the importance of developing a high-performing multichannel marketing strategy and establishing sponsorships with professional fishing champions to boost sales and reinforce competitiveness.

Neovian Partners’ team was led by Patrick Richer, Founding Partner and Théo Petitjean, Head of Germany

“ Thanks to their methodology and acute understanding of the issues at stake, the Neovian Partners teams helped us gain a good understanding of the niche market of embedded IT solutions for waste management and of Simpliciti’s competitive positioning and growth potential. Their weekly reports reassured us and enabled us to forge strong strategic convictions as the project progressed »

François Bernon, Principal, Omnes Capital

“ Simpliciti’s positioning as the sole one-stop-shop provider of IT solutions for waste management and its technological lead notably on incentive-based pricing solutions via Citi’ID will enable the group to consolidate its rank of leader amongst specialized players. The group benefits from numerous growth levers be it in gaining market shares on the mobility segment, expanding internationally, or pursuing the successful external growth strategy that has seen the acquisitions of Styx and Ecobox in 2021 and Anvergur in 2022. »

Patrick Richer, Partner, Neovian Partners

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