Paris, September 17, 2019. Neovian Partners was mandated by the investment fund B & Capital to conduct a Strategic Buyer Due Diligence for its investment in Nedap France.

Founded in 1997, Nedap France is based on the solutions of the Dutch industrial group Nedap NV listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. The company has three Business Divisions which are positioned respectively on the integration of hardware and software solutions for high security access control, the integration of RF and RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions for brands and actors of the Textile Distribution and the integration of RFID solutions for libraries. With a network of 95 employees, the company achieved a turnover of €27.5M in 2018.

Neovian Partners’ mission was to identify the dynamics of the three markets addressed by Nedap France, to validate the company’s positioning and competitive advantages in each of these markets and also to identify potential synergies between these Business Units. An analysis of diversification and development avenues was also carried out within the framework of this mission, as Nedap France wishes to pursue its development through organic growth as well as through targeted external growth operations.

“Nedap France is positioned as a high value integrator in the three markets it addresses: premium access control, RFID for retail and RFID for libraries. The strength of the company’s positioning, as well as the range of opportunities available to management to grow the business, made us very confident about the asset’s value.

Patrick Richer, Chairman and Founder, Neovian Partners

The mission was led by Patrick Richer and Kevin Bailey, Associate Directors

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