Paris, 6 April 2021. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners assisted the investment fund UI Gestion and the management of Mesotrans group in carrying out the Vendor Strategic Due Diligence of this French player specialising in the grouping and de-grouping transport of hanging meat and frozen food products.

Following several acquisitions since 2016, the Mesotrans group is made up of eight separate entities representing a dozen subsidiaries: TRM, the Vivarais group, the Rungis group, Lucas Europe, Wairy, TFT, TFR and Exbrayat. Thanks to the study carried out by the Neovian Partners team, led by Patrick Richer and Vincent Locanetto, the management of Mesotrans and UI Gestion were able to present financial investors a precise picture of the group’s activities and its markets, by analysing the size, past and future dynamics of each segment. For this project, Neovian Partners’ teams qualified and quantified the potential of the hanging meat and frozen food transport market in France. To do so, Neovian Partners had to validate the competitive advantage of Mesotrans’ model in the different customer segments, compare direct and indirect competitors, as well as carry out quantitative analyses on key markets and activity indicators.

” In a particular context due to the health crisis and the lockdown measures, the Neovian Partners teams succeeded in conducting this study in a seamless way that was very satisfactory for the financial investors; they were able to perfectly demonstrate the high level of technicality of the Mesotrans group’s services, in a resilient agri-food market “.

Julien Donarier, M&A Director, Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance

“Mesotrans is a unique group which, thanks to UI Gestion, has achieved critical size and become the French leader in the transport of hanging meat and one of the leaders in the transport of frozen foodstuffs in France. The group has proven its ability to consolidate the market and integrate the acquired subsidiaries. As one of the few players to master the complex know-how of grouping and de-grouping, especially upstream, protected by high barriers to entry, Mesotrans operates in extremely resilient and growing markets, with solid fundamentals and dynamic drivers.

Patrick Richer, Chairman and Founder, Neovian Partners

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