Paris, September 26, 2019. Neovian Partners, a strategy, development and leadership consulting firm, carried out for CAPZA, an equity and mezzanine investment fund, the strategic due diligence for its investment in Audensiel, a technology and digital transformation consulting firm.

Since its creation in Boulogne Billancourt in 2013, Audensiel has experienced strong growth, thanks to its culture of innovation, its agile organization and its differentiating positioning. The company, which now employs 450 people across 12 offices in Europe, expects to generate revenues of over €40M in 2019. CAPZA supports Nicolas Pacault, its President, and the other partners of the company, by investing in capital and in mezzanine.

During this study, Neovian Partners focused on understanding the company’s various offerings as well as its customers’ perception of them, with a view to finding elements of differentiation. In a crowded and ultra-competitive market, Neovian Partners was able to find the keys to accurately position Audensiel against its competitors and analyze the company’s development opportunities.

With this investment, Audensiel intends to maintain sustained organic growth, penetrate new sectors (insurance, luxury goods and electronic payments), open and acquire new offices in France and abroad and recruit new talent to support this development.

“This project has allowed Neovian Partners’ teams to perfect their knowledge of the French consulting market, which is becoming both increasingly segmented and less legible, particularly with the convergence of engineering consulting and digital transformation consulting, as illustrated by the recent mergers and acquisitions in this market.

Patrick Richer, Chairman and Founder, Neovian Partners

The mission was led by Patrick Richer, President and Founder, Neovian Partners

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