Paris, March 21th, 2019. The strategy consulting firm Neovian Partners supported the Passman group, a provider of Internet solutions for hotels, healthcare establishments and shopping centers, in the context of the restructuring of its capital, by completing a Vendor Strategic Due Diligence.

Created in 1995 by Frédéric Levy, Patrick and Sylvain Layani, Passman is based in Villeurbanne with 70 employees. Present in 42 countries, the group achieves more than 50% of its turnover internationally and generated a turnover of €27 million and an EBITDA of €11 million in 2018.

The mission of Neovian Partners consisted in supporting the management of Passman in carrying out a Strategic Vendor Due Diligence, in particular by analyzing the depth of the market and its competitive environment. It also identified market characteristics such as the latest technological developments, especially the deployment of 5G, likely to impact the deployment of the group’s products and services. Finally, the growth drivers represented for the group by healthcare establishments and retail and retail outlets (phenomenon of “phygitalisation”) were also analyzed.

“ This study was able to confirm that Wi-Fi communication solutions are more relevant than ever and appear as a complementary technology to 3G, 4G and the future 5G solutions. It also made it possible to better understand the expectations of professional users of Wi-Fi solutions, namely strong needs for responsiveness in the event of a breakdown, and equally important expectations in terms of bandwidth, in order to offer end users an increasingly powerful Wi-Fi communication.”

Mr. Fougerolle

Neovian Partners’ team was led by Martin Fougerolle and Patrick Richer, Partners, assisted by Vincent Locanetto, Manager.

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